Thank you for visiting My Net Bucks! We are not fancy just down to Earth. This site is for selling our stuff. Stuff we own and stuff we make. Quite frankly, we have too much stuff, and it is easier to display it all on My Net Bucks and connect with buyers via the Internet than sit outside in the hot sun waiting for you to drive by.

We are located in Mesa, Arizona, please use the contact page to arrange a pick-up time. We prefer the arrangement be in writing. You can also have your purchase shipped to you for an additional charge. Except furniture, we won't ship any furniture we are selling. Click on the  "for sale." "skincare," and "wellness" tabs to see what we are currently selling on My Net Bucks.

                As always, thanks for shopping My Net Bucks

Pounds Fund

DrVT Services, LLC is handling the transactions through PayPal.

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